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I Cannot Find a Matter when Trying to Override the Matter Number


  • I am trying to override a Matter number however it is not showing-up on the matter box in the matter number override page.


  • Clio Manage

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Closed matters will not show-up on the list.


To resolve this, we will need to re-open the matter and close the matter after changing the matter number.

  1. Click on Matters in the left hand side of Clio
  2. Select the "closed" tab at the top of the page and open the Matter you want to override
  3. On the Matter's Dashboard scroll down to the details section
  4. Take note of the closed date and change the status to open
  5. To save time, open a new tab and go to the Matter numbering Settings page
  6. Override the  Matter Number
  7. Go back to the tab where you had the Matter opened
  8. Click Edit Matter at the top right
  9. Change the status to closed and check the closed date to make sure it is the correct date.


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