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How do I Create an Expense Category in QuickBooks Online For Hard Cost Import


  • Create a Hard Cost Expense in QBO for Import into Clio
  • Does the Hard Cost sync from Quickbooks to Clio? 


  • Clio Manage
  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information:

N/a. This process has been set for anyone looking to run a test in order to verify that the Hard Cost sync is working properly between QBO and Clio.


  1. .. In QBO click on Accounting in the left hand task bar
  2. .. Click on the green New button in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  3. .. Fill out the appropriate Account Type and Detail Type Fields and then give the Expense Category a name in the Name Field.  (Make certain that this name matches the name of the Expense Category Created in Clio)
  4. ... Click the green Save and Close button.

Once this process has been completed you can create a charge to that Expense category by completing the following steps:

      1. ... In the left hand task bar in QBO click on Expenses.

      2. ... Click on the green New Transactions button in the upper right hand corner of the screen                    and  select Expense from the drop down options.

      3. ... Click in the field beside the number 1 that is underneath the Category header and select the               appropriate Expense Category for Import into Clio.

      4. ... Fill in the appropriate amount for the Expense in the Amount Field and apply any applicable                  taxes from the drop down options in the Tax Field section.

      5. ... Click the Save button.

Once this process has been completed the Hard Cost will not automatically sync over to Clio.  The sync process will complete once an action has been made in Clio to trigger the Bi-lateral sync or when the next scheduled sync is set to be processed.  When the next sync has been completed the Hard Cost Expense will then show up in the Activities Tab within Clio.  

If the Client only has one Matter, the Expense will automatically link to their Matter.

If the Client has multiple Matters, you can edit the Expense to select the specific Matter.


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