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How Do I Retrieve Log Files for Clio Desktop and Clio Launcher?


  • Acquire Warn and Error logs 


  • Clio Launcher

Additional Information:

Logs were kept for Launcher 1.0 Build 5547 or higher.


Automatic Procedure

Clio Launcher 2.0 build 2610 or higher has the ability to retrieve log files automatically and send them to Clio. 

  1. Run Clio Desktop or Clio Launcher
  2. Click on the Clio Desktop/Clio Launcher icon in the Taskbar (PC) or Menu bar (Mac)
  3. Click the gear shaped icon
  4. Ensure your Launcher version is 3.2 build 1568 or higher
  5. Click Support
  6. Click Send Error Log
  7. Inform Clio Support that you have sent the log so that it can be retrieved

Manual Procedure


Note: Some folders may be invisible, to make them visible please see Show hidden files 

  1. Open a new file explorer window (click Ctrl + E)
  2. Click on Users
  3. Click on the User name you use to log into your PC
  4. Click AppData, then Roaming
    • Logs for Clio Launcher older than 2.0 will be found in the Clio Launcher > logs directory
    • Logs for Clio Launcher 2.0 and newer will be found in the Clio Launcher > Clio Launcher > logs directory
  5. Find "launcher.log"
  6. Send it to Clio Support (



  1. Open Finder
  2. Select your Hard Drive (Macintosh HD)
  3. Select Users
  4. Click on the User name you use to log into your Mac
  5. Go to Library, then Logs, then Clio Launcher
    • If you don't see the Library folder, the folder may be hidden
    • Click Go in the menu bar
    • Hold down the "option" key
    • Choose the Library option that appears
  6. Go to Logs, then Clio Launcher
  7. Find "launcher.log"
  8. Send it to Clio Support (

If you do not see the Hard Drive in your Finder, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Click on Finder in the tool bar
  3. Select Preferences
  4. In the Side Bar column, under the locations Header, check Hard Disks
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