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How Do I Show a Refund on My Bill?


  • How to Show a Refund of Payment on an Invoice
  • How to Display Funds returned to Client 
  • How to Display Operating Transactions on an Invoice
  • How to Refund a Bill Payment
  • How do I Refund a Bill Payment


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

This is for Non-Clio Payment payments

While it is not possible to directly show a refund on an invoice, there is a way to show the Operating Transactions, that can signify funds being returned.

In order for the Operating Transactions to show on your invoice, please follow the steps in the article here


  1. Navigate to the Transactions within the Matter
  2. Select Add Transaction to add the initial payment for the invoice. 
    • In the Description field, add in any details you would like the client to see such as the words "Initial payment"
  3. Navigate to the Bill and delete any payments that are to be refunded. 
  4. Apply a Credit Note, writing off the amount refunded. 
  5. Once a Credit Note has been applied, navigate back to the Transactions of the Matter
  6. In Transactions, select Add transaction 
  7. Add a negative amount to signify the funds being returned/refunded back to the client
  8. From here, the Bill will then display these transactions showing to the client, the funds returned


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