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2-Step Log In Process


We have updated our login process from single step login to a 2-step login process.




  • Flexibility. Implementing 2-step login is a key development in creating a unified log in experience for customers across Clio products with a single login i.e. Single Sign On, saving time and improving the overall user experience.
  • Security. 2-step log in frameworks deter hackers and phishing attempts, creating a more secure means of accessing Clio.

Implementing a 2-step log in is a means of getting us closer to a more unified log in experience i.e. allowing for Single Sign On between Clio products.

  • Productivity: SSO will remove the need to re-authenticate IDs for different products and give you the ability to log in once, and access multiple products; improving productivity.
  • Security: SSO minimizes hacking attempts, notably phishing
  • Flexibility: SSO provides Clio the ability to create a unified log in experience for current programs; creating opportunity for this technology into the future i.e. using your Clio ID to access integrations or new products added to the Clio portfolio.


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