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How Do I Transfer Funds Between Two Operating Accounts?


  • How do I Remove Funds From Operating Account and add it to another Operating Account?
  • How do I Transfer Trust Funds Between Clients?
  • How to Transfer Payment between Contacts?
  • How to move Funds from one Contact to another.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This is not recommended to customers as it is very cumbersome, time-consuming and should be left to a Full-suite back-end accounting software.
  • If this is a Trust Balance please refer to this article: How do I Transfer Trust Funds Between Clients?


  1. Go to either the main Accounts, Client, or Matter
  2. In the dropdown menu, choose Operating Account
  3. Click New Transaction
  4. Add a negative amount
  5. Add any other details you want/need
  6. Click Record Transaction
  7. Next Go to Accounts
  8. Select the target Operating Account
  9. Click New Transaction
  10. Add a positive amount
  11. Add any other details you want/need
  12. Click Record Transaction


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