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How Do I Change the File Name Format of Documents Scanned in via ScanSnap?


  • Edit the Naming Convention for scanned Documents
  • Change the name of my scanned files
  • ScanSnap Title Configuration


  • Clio Manage
  • ScanSnap Manager
  • ScanSnap Home

Additional Information:



ScanSnap Home

  1. Click the [Scan] button in the Main Window of ScanSnap Home to display the Scan Window.
    • If the main window is not already displayed, click the [ScanSnap Home] icon in the application list that appears when you click Launchpad in the Dock.
  2. Click the "Edit Profiles" icon to display the [Edit profiles] Window.
  3. Select the Clio Launcher profile from the profile list.
  4. Under Scan Settings, click the blue text beside Title
  5. Specify the naming format that you would prefer (please refer to Fujitsu's website for more information on this step)
  6. When you finish modifying the settings for a profile, click the [Save] button.

The modified settings for the profile are saved.

More detailed information can be found on Fujitsu's website:


ScanSnap Manager 

  1. Open ScanSnap Manager, the blue ‘S’ icon in your computer.
  2. Go under the ‘Save’ tab and select ‘File Name Format…’
  3. After the box for the ‘File Name Format’ opens, you have the option to choose between the preset date and time that ScanSnap provides or you can create your own custom file which can include a sequential order of digits.

Note: Another option of naming your files is to set a title for each document after it is done scanning. You would only be able to scan and rename a document one at a time.

In order to do this, you would have to go through your ScanSnap Manager settings under the ‘Save’ tab. Select the box that says ‘Rename after scanning’ and you will be able to immediately change the title and location of the document after it is done scanning.

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