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Do I Select Domain Install or Individual Install When Installing The Gmail Add-In?


  • Which option do I choose when installing the Gmail Add-In, Domain Install or Individual Install?


  • Clio Manage
  • Gmail Add-In

Additional Information:

  • About G-Suite Marketplace
  • How to Install the Clio Add-On for Gmail?
  • This option is given to the G-Suite Admin to Choose between Domain and Individual Installations
  • It is recommended to follow the Individual Installation; Domain installation will make the G-Suite Administrator responsible for all App enable/disable/reset requests
  • There is no additional cost between Domain or Individual installations


You can decide how you want to install the add-in. Domain Install installs the app for your entire domain, while Individual Install installs the app only on your account. One of the benefits to an individual install is that you are able to use this app specifically on your account before you role this out to the whole company allowing you to test this and see if it will work well within the firm. Please be aware that domain installs can take up to 24 hours before appearing on all accounts across the firm. 

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