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What if I Have a Firm User Who Works Part Time and It's Skewing My Utilization Metrics?


  • Change working days on Firm Dashboard
  • How do I adjust metrics for part-time user for the Firm Dashboard
  • Skewed utilization metrics in the Firm Dashboard
  • How Do I Adjust Working Days on the Firm Dashboard?
  • What is the formula to adjust working days for part-time Employees?


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A timekeeper's contributions to the firm's available working hours can be set by adjusting their "working days" setting as outlined in here.


The formula to calculate working days based on hours is:
[(Number of hours worked per day) / 8] * 260 or [(Working hours per week) / 40] * 260

For example; a user who only tracks 20 hours a week; [(20 / 40) * 260] = 130

                        or a user who only works 4 hours a day; [(4 / 8) * 260] = 130


A user who tracks very little or no time can set their working days to be close to 0.


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