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What are Bill Recipients?


  • An Explanation of the Bill Recipients Feature 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

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The Bill Recipients feature allows you to share bills with the right Contacts without needing to manually enter each Contact every time the bill is shared. You can nominate multiple Contacts as default Bill Recipients when editing or creating Matters to make sharing bills in bulk or individually easier. 

Bill Recipients can be removed on a per Bill share basis when sharing Bills individually, but will automatically be shared with when sharing in bulk.

When sharing multi-Matter Bills and Balances that cover multiple balances, the Bills will only be shared with the Bill Recipients that match across all Matters on the bill. This is to prevent the wrong Contacts from seeing the bill. 

Clio will tell you how many Contacts do not match as Bill Recipients across all Matters on the Bill in the error message x contacts were not included because they are not bill recipients on all the matters on this bill when sharing the bill.

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