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Can I Turn Notifications Off for Newly Created Calendar Events?


  • Can I turn notifications off for newly created Calendar Events?
  • How do I stop notifications from being sent to clients for new Calendar Events?
  • Why is my client getting a notification when I chose 'Don't send'?
  • Why don't I get the option to send or not send a notification for all new Calendar Events?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • You have the option of whether or not to send an email notification when the invitee is a firm user. However, an email notification will automatically be sent to all Contact invitees for that event.


When a new Calendar Event is created in Clio, an email notification will go to all invitees that are non-firm users by default. This cannot be turned off, as there is no other way to notify non-firm users of the event.

The below Send notification box will only pop-up for events that include invitees that are firm users.


If you invite a firm user and a client to a Calendar Event and choose Don't send in the Send notification pop-up box, a notification will be sent to the non-firm user by default, but will not be sent to the firm user.

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