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Clio Single Sign-On (Beta)

We’re building a Single Sign On functionality for Clio products: creating a unified login experience for customers across Clio products.

With one set of identification (i.e. one email and password—a Clio ID) you can securely login into, and work between, all Clio products. This removes the need to log in multiple times, in multiple places, and juggle different credentials for access to your client and case information.

What is Single Sign On?

Single Sign On is a user authentication process that allows a user to use one set of identification credentials (e.g. one username and password) to access multiple applications (e.g. Clio Manage and Clio Grow).

Who can use Single Sign On?

Only US users with matching email logins in both Manage and Grow can use Single Sign On.  At this time, users must be flagged for single sign on to participate in the beta, contact #help-identity-mgmt to have a user with matching email logins invited to use SSO.

What are the key benefits of Clio Single Sign On?

Clio Single Sign On offers many benefits. It can ensure consistent access control to Clio products and firm data across a law firm, potentially reducing risk and overhead related to secure Clio account management.

Usability - Save time and effort with easy one-click login to any product within the Clio Suite. 

Fewer interruptions - SSO users will enjoy longer session times in Grow.

Enhanced Security - Clio Single Sign-On combines industry-leading security best practices with user efficiency, allowing us to provide secure access to case and client data, reducing risk of breach found in common login processes. SSO users can enjoy the added security of 2FA for their Grow account.

How do I access Single Sign-On (Beta)?

At this time, the Single Sign On beta is a closed beta, and users are selected for inclusion based on product usage criteria. On login, users who have matching email logins and matching first and last names in Manage and Grow will be prompted to link their accounts for Single Sign On when they log in to Manage

How do I enable SSO?

Qualifying users will be presented with an option to link their accounts for SSO on login to Manage. See Clio Single Sign-On (SSO) – Linking Prompt on Manage Login for details on the SSO linking flow.

Are there any password requirements for my new Clio ID?

  • Don’t use a password from another site.
  • Don’t use something obvious like your firm’s name, or your name.
  • Use a phrase that is more than 8 characters, the longer the password, the better.
  • We strongly recommend enabling 2 Factor Authentication to enhance the security of your account.

Are there any limitations to Clio Single Sign On (Beta)

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