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How do I Change The "Host Name" Listed On The Appointment Scheduler?


  • Change, edit, customize, or remove the "Host Name" listed on an Appointment Scheduler link.


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

The "Host Name" listed on an appointment is typically the User Name of the Grow user which the Appointment link belongs to, however some users do not wish to display their name to clients or potential new clients.


To have the Scheduler display something other than user first and last name, edit "My Scheduler display name".

  1. Go to Grow Settings.
  2. Select Scheduler Settings
  3. Under My Appointment Types, select Edit display name
  4. Enter your desired text
  5. Select Set display name

The 'host' information for this user will now display the new value.  This value is also available to use in Grow email templates. 

If you choose not to set any display name value, the Scheduler will continue to use the First and Last name values from the user profile.

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