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Why is a Custom Field that was Deleted in Clio Manage Still Populating in Clio Grow?


  • Deleted a Custom Field in Clio Manage but it's still appearing in Clio Grow 


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

For more information on deleting Custom Fields in Clio Manage, click here


This is happening because when the Custom Field in Clio Manage was deleted, the box "Also remove this Custom Field from all Matters" was not selected. The Custom Field is therefore soft deleted, meaning the history of that Custom Field will exist and cannot be permanently deleted. When a User syncs Custom Fields from Clio Manage in Clio Grow, the soft deleted Custom Field will re-populate in Clio Grow. 

To remove the Custom Field in Clio Grow as a option, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Click on Custom Fields 
  3. Click on red trashcan icon to delete Custom Field 

*Please note that when re-syncing Custom Fields in Clio Grow, the soft deleted Custom Fields will re-populate and will need to be removed again. 


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