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How to View Details for When a Document was Viewed and Signed in Clio Grow


  • How to View Details for When a Document was Viewed or Signed
  • View what documents have been shared to be signed
  • Can I Check to See if A Client has Viewed the Document sent for e-Signature
  • E-Sign
  • Audit log


  • Clio Grow
  • Hellosign

Additional Information:

In Clio Grow, the Audit log will only appear after a signature is completed and will be updated after each subsequent signature is completed. It cannot be used to see if a signer has viewed the document, but has not signed it.

For the procedure in Clio Manage, see here


1. Click on the options button for the document that has been sent in under the workflow area
2. Click on View Form Details
3. Click on the Actions button
4. Select Download PDF
5. Open the PDF and scroll to the bottom to see the audit log


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