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Where Can I Find Resources for Working Remotely?


  • Working from home tips and tricks
  • How can Clio help me transition to work from home?
  • Helping attorneys and lawyers work from home


  • Clio Website

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How to Work Remotely as a Lawyer: A Guide

Whether you’ve looked at working remotely as a lawyer in the past (or as a paralegal, legal assistant, legal professional) with dreams of traveling the world, or whether you’re looking into it for the first time now, this guide contains clear, practical tips for opening a remote legal practice without interruption. We’ll cover:

  • 10 steps to follow for successful remote work
  • What to do if you still need to meet clients in person
  • Tips for how larger legal teams can succeed when transitioning to remote work
  • A basic list of tools to use for remote lawyering
  • Examples of law firms that have worked remotely in some capacity (or are currently doing so)

How to Work from Home as a Lawyer

Learn how to successfully work from home as a lawyer—including a letter from Clio CEO Jack Newton on how our teams have recently moved to working 100% remote. We will cover:

  • What it means to work from home as a lawyer—successfully
  • Tech and tools for working from home as a lawyer
  • How to implement cloud technology
  • Lawyer wellness
  • FAQ
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