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How to Connect Contact Form 7 in WordPress to Clio Grow Inbox using the Grow Lead Inbox API


  • Contact Form 7 Integration


  • Clio Grow
  • Wordpress

Additional Information:

By creating a form on your website via Contact Form 7 you can collect lead information from your website and post it directly to Clio Grow's Lead Inbox. 

Clio Grow also has a native integration with Wordpress via the Wordpress Plug-in which you can learn more about here. 

The benefit of using Contact Form 7 is that you can curate which questions are added to your contact form.

This process does require a working knowledge of Wordpress' backend admin panel as well as a rudimentary understanding of posting to an API. 


1) From the Wordpress admin panel download the plug-in for Contact Form 7

2) You will also need to install the add-in named Contact Form 7 to API

3) When building the form there are certain questions that are required, these include first name, last name, email address, and phone number. All questions after that can be customized. Please keep in mind that any questions asked on the form other than those required will need to be submitted into the message field and will appear as a note in Clio Grow.


4) Input the shortcode for the form on the page that you would like it to display on your website.

5) Using the naming convention for the fields on your form, use the API Integration tab to post the data to the Clio Grow Lead Inbox via a JSON  post to (NA Accounts) For European Accounts please post to 


6) In the JSON template, all 8 data fields are required and should be structured as below:


"inbox_lead" : {

  "from_first" : "[first-name]",

  "from_last" : "[last-name]",

  "from_message" : "[your-message]",

  "from_email" : "[your-email]",

  "from_phone" : "[phone]",

  "referring_url" : "",

  "from_source" :"Landing Page"


"inbox_lead_token" : "ABCDEFGHIJKL0123456789"

Keep in mind the values provided here are only examples and should be adjusted to your website and the field names that are created for your specific form.

The Lead Inbox Token can be found on the integrations tab in the Clio Grow account's settings page

7) You can find more details about the lead Inbox API here


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