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What Does the AL Portion of the LSA Report Report On?


  • What does the Law Society of Alberta AL Report do?
  • What's included in the LSA "AL" Report?


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Additional Information:

  • To open an LSA Report file in a readable format in Excel, see here
  • For other sections of the LSA Report, see here


This report documents all unpaid Services, Expenses, and Taxes on a per Matter basis. These unpaid amounts are not historic in any way. 

The conditions for a Client to appear in this report are as followed;

  • The Client must have transactions in their Trust Account.
  • The Client must have at least one bill with an Issue Date on the selected year which is in "awaiting payment".


Breakdown of each Column 

 Client Number The Contact ID of the associated Contact (see here)
 Client Name The name of the associated Contact (e.g. "Jane Foster")
 Matter Number The Matter Display Number of the associated Matter (see here)
 Matter Description The Matter Description of the associated Matter (see here)
 Area of Law Code The Practice Area Code of a Practice Area (see here)
 Area of Law Description The Practice Area (see here)
 Responsible Lawyer Number  The Lawyer Registered Number of the Attorney (see here)
 Responsible Lawyer Name The Responsible Attorney Name (see here)
 Outstanding Fees All unpaid Service amounts on outstanding Bills 
 Outstanding Disbursements All unpaid Expense amounts on outstanding Bills
 Outstanding Taxes All unpaid Taxe amounts on outstanding Bills
 Last Activity Date TBD


  • Will Disbursements or Fees created on the selected year but not in an Invoice issue on the selected year, be reflected in the total outstanding Fees or Disbursements?
    • No, only Invoices issued on the selected year are taken into account.
  • Will the total outstanding Fees or Disbursements also include Fees or Disbursements not created on the selected year?
    • Yes, all Fees and Disbursements on an Invoice issued on the selected year will be taken into account.
  • The Invoice has partial Payment(s) or partial Credit Note(s) applied to it, how will this reflect in the report?
    • Payments and Credit Notes are applied proportionately to each Fee, Disbursement, and Tax based on their respective percentage of the Invoice total.
  • The Invoice has an Invoice Discount applied to it, how will this reflect in the report?
    • Invoice Discounts are applied proportionately to each Fee and Disbursement based on their respective percentage of the Invoice subtotal
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