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How Do I Set Up the Nextiva Integration?


  • How to sync Nextiva and Clio


Additional Information:

  • The Nextiva Integration only works on PC's that are running Windows
  • Go Integrator must be installed with the initial configuration completed before syncing with Clio (This is a 3rd party app, for more info please click the link here)


  1. Right-click the Go Integrator tray icon and click the Configuration option
  2. Under Integration click on the Add New button
  3. From the "Type" dropdown box select Clio, if available, or Other Application
  4. Input the Clio Add-In key provided by Nextiva into the Enter Code field and select Unlock
  5. Enter your Base URL
  6. Enter the Clio App Key & App Secret
  7. Within the Go Integrator configuration, paste the App Key and App Secret into the appropriate fields
  8. Press Authorize
  9. A popup will open, prompting you to login to Clio using your email and password
    • Note: If the login/password screen is blank, close the login popup, save your configuration, re-open the Go Integrator and try to Authorize again.
  10. Accept the prompt
  11. Click Save to apply the configuration


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