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Why Can't I Edit My Payment Options for Paid Appointments?

Why Can't I Edit Payment Options for Scheduler Appointments?

This may be due to a few different reasons:
  1. Clio Payments not enabled
  2. User Permissions
  3. Network Issues between Grow & Manage

1. Clio Payments not enabled

The Clio Scheduler + Payments functionality requires Clio Payments to be enabled on Clio Manage with a linked bank account in Clio Manage.

2. User Permissions

In order to edit the Collect Payments settings in Clio Grow, both the appointment host and the user editing the Collect Payment settings (if different users) need to have at least one of the Administrator, Accounts, or Billing user permissions in Clio Manage.

If the appointment and/or the user creating the paid appointment do not both have the required permissions, the paid appointment link will not function.

3. Network Issues

In rare circumstances, Grow may be periodically unable to access linked bank accounts in Clio Manage to due technical issues. You will be unable to edit your payment settings during these outages even if you have the requisite user permissions. 


If you have checked and troubleshooter that it is neither 1 or 2, attempt to disconnect and reconnect the Clio Manage Integration within Clio Grow. 



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