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How do I Charge and Collect Payments in Clio Grow With LawPay?


  • How can I charge for a consultation in Clio Grow?
  • How can I request funds in Clio Grow
  • How can I request payment in Clio Grow


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • Clio Grow, unlike Clio Manage, is unable to perform any billing workflows. The steps below detail a suggested potential workaround. This workflow will still require having to manually record payments against a bill for the matter once exported to Clio Manage.

    Please note: The steps below are only applicable to customers using the LawPay Secure Payment Link, not through Clio Payments. When using the LawPay link, keep in mind this does not link with Clio Payments. If you would like to use the Secure Payment Link via Clio Payments, you can use the Secure Payment Link in Clio Manage to take Payments. Please ensure to export the Matter from Clio Grow to Clio Manage first before doing so.  


  1. Add your Secure Payment Link from LawPay into an Email Template:
    A. Click Settings
    B. Click Email Templates
    C. Create a new Email Template with the Secure Payment Link by clicking Other Templates at the bottom of the page, or build the Secure Payment Link into an existing Email Template (for example, if you would like to collect payment when sending your calendar to a client to book an appointment, choose that email template)

  2. Send the email that contains the Secure Payment Link to your lead/client
    If your Secure Payment Link is inputted into one of the default Email Templates.
    A. Click Add A Single Item under the Workflow tab of your Matter Dashboard
    B. Click Create A New Appointment
    C. Click Email Scheduling Link To Contact
    D. Click Create Appointment And Continue To Email and then proceed to send the email

    If your Secure Payment Link is inputted into a new Email Template (not a default template),
    A. Click the Email tab from the Matter Dashboard
    B. Select your Email Template under the Email Templates dropdown
    C. Click Send Email
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