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e-Signatures in Clio Manage

e-Signatures in Clio Manage is available to subscribers of our Boutique (up to 10 signature requests per user per month) and Elite (unlimited in Elite) plans, and is also available to Clio customers in EMEAWhile the e-Signature feature in Clio Manage is in beta, you are encouraged to make full use of it to benefit your firm. Note that pricing is subject to change following the beta period. 

You can upgrade to the Boutique or Elite plan in the app, or if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (option #2) for North America or +44-800-433-2546 for EMEA.



How to prepare a document
How to send out an e-Signature request
Signee workflow
What happens when a document is signed

How to prepare a document

  1. Go to Documents
  2. Click e-Sign under the desired PDF document
  3. Select signers for the document
  4. Click Prepare for signing


How to send out an e-Signature request

  1. In HelloSign, add signature field
  2. Click Continue
  3. Optional: add a message
  4. Click Request signature


Signee workflow

  1. Open email with subject: Please sign this document
  2. Click on the link
  3. Click Click to sign button
  4. Use mouse or touchpad to create a signature
  5. Click Continue


What happens when a document is signed

When a client signs the document, a confirmation email will be sent. You will also get an in-app notification if you have enabled in-app notifications for e-Signatures (learn more about in-app notifications here).


NOTE WITH MULTIPLE SIGNERS: If there are multiple signers to the Document, you may receive an email from HelloSign stating, 'Success! Your document has been signed' which will have a blue 'View Signed Document' button.

If one doesn't have a HelloSign account, you will need to wait for the Clio generated email once everyone has finished signing to access the signed Document from within the Matter.


How much does it cost?

While the e-Signature feature in Clio Manage is in beta, you are encouraged to make full use of it to benefit your firm. Note that pricing is subject to change following the beta period. 

Pricing for customers in North America:

Customers on Boutique can send up to 10 documents for signing per user per month (this can include as many signatures as they need). The month is based on the calendar and UTC time zone.

Customers that need more documents for signing can send an unlimited, reasonable amount by upgrading to Elite.

Pricing for customer in EMEA: 

Customers in EMEA are able to send an unlimited, reasonable amount of documents.

Do I need a HelloSign account to use this feature?

No, a separate HelloSign account is not required to use this feature in Clio Manage.  

If you would like to see what documents are awaiting signature, you can, however, create a HelloSign account. This can be done using your Clio login email when following HelloSign’s “forgot password” instructions. Once you create an account, on the left hand side there is a “Documents” section where all documents that are awaiting signature or have been completed will be listed. 

If you already had a HelloSign account prior to using e-Signatures in Clio Manage, as long as your HelloSign login email matches your Clio login email then documents sent from Clio will automatically save to your HelloSign account. 

Note that in order for documents to be automatically saved back to Clio, the e-Signature flow needs to be initiated from Clio and not HelloSign.

If I start preparing a document and then stop, does it count towards the 10 free?

Once the 'Prepare for signing' button is pressed, one document signature is used up. 

What file types are supported?


Can my clients e-Sign documents from Clio Connect?

No, to have a client e-Sign a document, you need to send it to their email through the e-Sign workflow in Clio Manage.

Can I undo/remove e-signature?

We don’t have the ability to have the signature removed after it has been signed. If the user wants to get the unsigned document, it should still exist in Clio Manage — the difference is that the signed version would have a -Signed.pdf appended to the filename.

 To clarify: If they clicked “Prepare for Signature” that opens a new tab wherein they can put in where they want the client to sign. If they closed that tab or if they haven’t added signatures to the document, then technically, that e-signature doesn’t exist yet. However, once they’ve added the signatures and the emails get sent to the clients for signature, then that can’t be undone.

* if they’re on Boutique, clicking the Prepare for signature button already counts towards their 10.



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