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Clio's Zoom Integration

The Zoom integration with Clio Manage is available to subscribers of our Boutique and Elite plans in US and Canada.

Customers in EMEA can find details on whether they are eligible for this integration here.

You can upgrade to the Boutique or Elite plan in the app, or if you’re interested in seeing how this feature can work for your law firm feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 1-888-858-2546 (option #1) for North America.

For EMEA customers looking to upgrade their plans please call +44-800-433-2546.

Benefit of Integrating Clio Manage and Zoom

Zoom integrates with Clio Manage so you can quickly and conveniently schedule Zoom meetings from your Clio Manage calendar. 

  • One click to make any meeting a Zoom meeting when creating events from your Clio Manage calendar.
  • Unique Zoom conference details are generated for each event.
  • Participants receive an email with the event information, including the conferencing details.
  • Zoom meetings created in Clio Manage will appear on your Zoom account.

How To's

Commonly Asked Questions

Does this integration work with any Zoom plan?

Yes, this integration is compatible with all Zoom accounts.

Can I remove the Zoom URLs from my existing meetings?

Yes, clicking the ‘remove’ button found within a calendar event will remove the Zoom URL and meeting details found in the description field. Note that if you have added any additional details to the Zoom meeting description (the details below the dashed line in the calendar event) they will also be removed. Any meeting details above the dashed line will not be removed from the calendar event.

Is there a limit to how many Zoom meetings I can create in Clio Manage?

There is a limit of 100 Zoom meetings created in Clio Manage per user, per day.

Why didn’t my meeting show up in my Zoom account?

There are scenarios where a meeting created in Clio Manage will not appear in your Zoom account, these include:

  • Recurring meetings: Only the first event in a recurring series will show up on your Zoom account.
  • Rescheduled meetings: If meeting is rescheduled in Clio Manage, it won't update in Zoom

How can I ensure privacy when using Zoom?

We recommend reviewing the security settings available for configuration in your Zoom account. You can find additional information on the Zoom website here and in their privacy policy.

What happens to a user's Zoom meetings if they are deactivated in Clio Manage?

Upon deactivating a Clio Manage user, all Zoom meetings created by that user (regardless of the calendar they appear in) will be automatically removed. This is to mitigate the risk where the deactivated Clio Manage user could have connected their private Zoom account with Clio Manage, and if Zoom details remain in Clio Manage, the deactivated user could join future meetings via their private Zoom account. 

You can learn more about what happens to the calendar of a deactivated user in this help article. 

What happens to Zoom meetings in Clio Manage if the user's Zoom account is deactivated by an admin, or if the user stops paying for their Zoom subscription?

The Zoom meetings in Clio Manage will remain intact and the Zoom integration will remain authenticated in Clio Manage. The Clio Manage user will still be able to click ‘Make it a zoom meeting’ in Clio Manage however when they go to hit ‘Save’ on the calendar event, the user will hit the error message “Error: we were unable to add a Zoom meeting to this event. Please disable and re-enable your connection in Zoom settings”. When the user follows the steps, disconnecting their Zoom integration, upon signing back in they won’t be able to sign in because their Zoom account has been deactivated or they’ve stopped paying.

If users try to join meetings belonging to a user who’s Zoom account is deactivated, the user will hit a Zoom error message “This meeting ID is not valid. Please check and try again”.

Does this integration work with the Clio Mobile App?

Once a user has connected the Zoom integration in Clio Manage (desktop), the option to toggle ‘Video conference meeting’ on/off will be available in the mobile app when creating or updating an existing event.

To successfully join a Zoom meeting from the mobile app, the user will need the Zoom app installed. If the user doesn’t have the Zoom app, they will be taken to and prompted to download it.  

Why don’t I have access to the Zoom integration?

Users that subscribe to Starter plan, and users with the old Clio Manage calendar will not have access to the Zoom integration (if you are using the Outlook Desktop sync with Clio Manage, you are using the old Clio Manage calendar). If neither of these scenarios apply to you, and you still are unable to connect your Zoom account with Clio Manage, please contact us (contact details are at the bottom of the page).

Can I share a Zoom account with other users at my firm?

Multiple users cannot be logged in to the same Zoom account at the same time. If you try to share Zoom accounts when using the Zoom integration, the first user’s Zoom integration will get disconnected as soon as the second user logs in with the same account.

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