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Clio Mobile App: Secure Messages

Communicate with Clio. Stay securely connected with the rest of your firm with a secure, internal messaging tool within Clio's Mobile App that won’t jeopardize sending client information to the wrong email, wrong cell number—or to the client themselves.  


Viewing Secure Messages
Sending Secure Messages
Filter Secure Messages
Archiving Secure Messages

Viewing Secure Messages

To view Secure Messages, click on the inbox icon on the home screen:


This will open your inbox, which will display your Secure Messages:


From here you can:

  • Click on a particular Secure Message to view the thread
  • Swipe right on the Secure Message to mark as unread

Sending Secure Messages

There are three ways to send a Secure Message on the Clio Mobile App:

  1. Click the Global Create New button in the bottom right and select Message
  2. From the Secure Message inbox, long-press the Global Create New button which will create a new thread:
  3. Reply to a message in a message thread:

Filtering Secure Messages

You can filter your Secure Messages to narrow down:

  • Matters: if you want to view messages pertaining to specific matters
  • Message status: you can view only unread messages, previously read messages, or both
  • Visibility: you can view your archived messages in the event that you need information from a past thread


Archiving Secure Messages

When you are done with a thread, you can archive it to keep your inbox organized. To archive a thread:

Click the three vertical dots in the top right of the thread:


Select Archive message thread:


You can unarchive a message thread by replying in that thread. 

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