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Notifications in Clio Manage

In-app notifications in Clio Manage allow you to be updated in realtime as changes happen to the Matters that matter most. 

In-app notifications are currently available for Matters and e-Signatures, but we will continue to build out this functionality to provide realtime notifications for other features within Clio Manage. We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions as to how we can continue to build on this.  


Where you can find notifications
How to configure notification settings
What actions trigger a notification

Where you can find notifications

To access notifications, click the "bell" in the upper-right of Clio.  


The Your firm tab will show any internal notifications. 


How to configure notification settings

Notifications are set on a user-level, so each user will be able to customize these settings to suit their needs. 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Under the Matters and/or Documents category, toggle the desired notifications 

You can subscribe users to receive notifications for relevant Matters. 

  1. Create or edit a Matter
  2. Select a user in Matter notifications

What actions trigger a notification

When you are added as a subscribed user to a Matter, you will be able to receive notifications for the following:

  • Matter status is updated
    • You will be notified when the Matter status is changed. 
  • Matter deleted
    • You will be notified when a Matter is deleted.
  • Subscribed to matter notifications
    • You will be notified when you are added as a subscriber to a Matter. 


You can also receive notifications when all signers have signed a document. Note that only the user who sent the e-Signature request will get the notification. Screen_Shot_2020-05-14_at_9.22.59_AM.png


How does this impact the reminder emails that are sent today for some features?

Reminder emails exist in Clio Manage to remind users to complete tasks on a specific date, or to attend specific calendar events, for example. These are configured by the user when the work object i.e. task is created. Notifications in Manage do not currently include reminders; reminder emails will still continue to go out as they did before this feature.

If changes are made after a notification has been sent, what happens?

When notifications show up in the notifications panel, the original notification will not be retroactively updated if something changes. In most cases, however, an “XYZ was updated” notification would be triggered.

If I subscribe a user to a matter, have notifications sent, and then later change the permissions of the matter so the user no longer has access, what happens?

The notification for the originally subscribed user will not automatically clear from their notification panel; however, if the user were to try to click into the newly secure matter or work object, they will not be able to access it.

Do notifications in the notifications panel expire?

Each notification will automatically clear from the notifications panel 24 weeks from the date that the notification was fired.

Who is the notifications panel available to?

All customers on all pricing plans in all regions.


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