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Clio Scheduler + Clio Payments

Use Clio Scheduler + Payments to book paid appointments in the cloud and attract new clients while working remotely.

Clio Suite customers now have the ability to accept payment from prospective clients when they book a new appointment. Reduce the risk of no shows and guarantee payment from prospective clients. Collect funds for appointments up-front by accepting online credit card payments.

Clio Scheduler + Payments will automatically record new contacts, their associated payments and your firm’s consultation revenue.

While Clio Scheduler is available for EMEA Grow users, the feature Clio Scheduler + Clio Payments (paid appointments) Feature is not available to EMEA Grow users. 

What is Clio Scheduler + Payments?

Please note: Clio Scheduler + Payments is not available for Clio Grow users based in Europe.

Clio Scheduler now enables firms to collect credit card payments for paid consultations during the appointment booking process.

Users will have the option to set-up free or paid appointments. Payment options can be configured for each paid appointment, including multiple paid appointments with different $ amounts.

How will my firm benefit from collecting payment via the Scheduler during the booking process?

Clio Scheduler’s paid functionality supports your existing workflows, and removes the manual time and effort involved with collecting payment during or after the appointment, also reducing no-show rates.

What products/features do I need to buy to use Clio Scheduler for paid appointments?

Clio users will need Clio Suite in order to use this feature. Specifically, a Clio Grow customer must also be a Manage customer and have enabled Clio Payments with a linked bank account.

How does Clio Scheduler work?

Clio Suite users can create persistent public links for booking paid appointments that anyone can access from a firm’s website, email signature, via SMS. Booking links for paid appointments can also be shared with an existing Contact through the Create New Appointment workflow.

Once a prospective client selects a date/time for their appointment (based on available time slots in the lawyer’s calendar), they’ll be redirected to the firm’s secure payment form to enter their payment information.

Once the payment has been processed, they’ll be redirected back to the Clio Scheduler where they’ll see a confirmation screen that their paid appointment has been booked.

Can I link Clio Scheduler + Payments directly to my LawPay account?

Clio Scheduler appointments integrate with Clio Manage (and Clio Payments) only. It cannot be linked with LawPay directly, or other payment processors (Stripe, PayPal, etc.).

Can I charge different amounts for different appointments?

Yes, users can set different payment amounts for different appointment types.

Can all Clio Grow users set up paid appointments?

Clio Grow users that have a Clio Manage account with Clio Payments enabled* are able to set-up paid appointments in Grow, and link to their Clio Payments bank accounts.

How do I configure payment options in the appointment settings in Grow?

You’ll be able to define which appointments are paid, set the payment amount, specify which linked bank account funds are to be deposited, and when the payment is received, whether it is to be recorded as fees earned.

How are contacts and payments exported and linked in Clio Manage?

New contacts and transactions will be automatically exported from Clio Grow to Clio Manage once an appointment has been booked, and payment is completed. Clio Manage will automatically link payments received and record the transactions to the correct contact. Moreover, by recording “funds in” and “funds out”, firms can accurately record all transactions for each contact.

How will the transaction(s) be reflected in Clio Manage?

A “funds in” transaction will be displayed on Transactions tab for the Contact (in Clio Manage) once payment status is “Completed”.

The timing of when a “funds out” transaction will be displayed on the Transactions tab for the Contact will depend on the accounting rule selected in Grow for that appointment type (see below for more details).

The payment will also be displayed in the Clio Payments’ transactions tab.

How will new paid appointments be recorded in Clio Manage?

The new contact in Grow will be automatically exported to Clio Manage and the contact will be automatically linked to the payment received in the Clio Payments tab. The paid appointment will also be added to the appointment host’s Clio Manage calendar.

How will the new Contact be recorded in Clio Manage?

The contact auto-exported from Grow to Manage will be linked by a Clio ID, a unique identifier, such that if the prospect later becomes a client and the contact is re-exported to Manage it will not create a duplicate contact. If however, an existing contact (in either Grow or Manage) completes the paid booking flow, this will create a duplicate contact in Grow that is also exported to Manage.

If the prospective client later converts to a client, how will the Matter be recorded in Clio Grow + Manage?

The new matter created in Grow will not be automatically exported from Grow to Manage when the paid appointment is booked. If they later become a client, you will need to follow the current workflow of exporting Matters from Grow to Manage to ensure this information is transferred.

How can a prospective client reschedule or cancel a paid consultation?

Just like free appointments, prospects can reschedule or cancel their scheduled paid appointment by clicking on the respective buttons in the confirmation email they receive after booking the appointment.

What will happen to the payment if they reschedule their appointment?

Rescheduling will not affect the payment received from the initial booking and the prospect will not be required to re-enter their payment information when rescheduling.

What will happen to the payment if they cancel their appointment?

Cancelling a paid appointment will not automatically process a refund. You will have to manually process a refund from the Clio Payments tab in Clio Manage the same way you do for all other payments received via Clio Payments.

What happens if they don’t complete the payment process?

From the time the prospect is directed to the secure payment form, there is a 10 minute time limit to complete the payment process. If payment is not completed within 10 minutes, the reserved date/time will be released and the prospective client will need to restart the booking process.

Is paid appointment bookings via Clio Scheduler secure?

Yes, all Clio Scheduler payments are processed through a secured payment link from Clio Payments, powered by LawPay.

Will the amounts for payments received via Clio Scheduler show up in my Firm Dashboard?

No, because payments received via Clio Scheduler are not automatically associated with a matter they will not appear in your Firm Dashboard. All payments received via Clio Scheduler will however be included in the Revenue Report under the Reporting tab, based on the selected accounting rule for that appointment type (see here for more information).

How do I share a booking link for anyone to schedule a paid appointment using Clio Scheduler?

In Clio Grow > Settings > Appointment Types you will see a list of your appointment types + their corresponding links. Copy and paste these links and send via text, email or embed into a web page to share with prospective clients online.

How will the prospective client receive confirmation of their appointment and payment?

The person booking the appointment will receive an email from Clio containing a record of the payment transaction details (aka a receipt). They will also receive a separate appointment confirmation email from Clio Scheduler.

Can I send a receipt to the prospective client?

No invoice will be automatically generated in Manage, given that no matter (or time entry) is being created in Manage.

How will I be notified when a prospective client books an appointment?

The appointment host will receive an email from Clio containing a record of the payment transaction details. They will also receive a separate appointment confirmation email from Clio Scheduler.

How will new paid appointments be recorded in Clio Grow?

Once an appointment is booked, a Contact & Matter will be automatically created in Grow (this is the same as current Scheduler behaviour).

Can I configure how/when payment received is recorded as fees earned?

The payment options enables you to select from 2 different accounting rules for when the payment received is recorded as fees earned (i.e. when is the “funds out” transaction record on the contact’s balance and it becomes the firm’s money):

  • Immediately: once the payment status changes from “Authorized” to “Completed”;
  • Keep as credit: this option will not automatically log a “funds out” transaction and will leave you with the discretion to record it manually in the future (e.g. once the appointment has occurred).

How will the payments received via Clio Scheduler be displayed in Reports (in Grow/Manage)?

Revenue generated from paid consultations booked via Clio Scheduler will be included on the firm’s Revenue Report in Clio Manage, but will not be included in any other reports in Manage or in Clio Grow.

Money collected via Clio Scheduler + Payments will be displayed in the Revenue Report in one of two ways, based on the option selected in the Paid Appointment settings in Grow for each appointment:

  1. Record as fees earned immediately once the transaction completes
  2. Keep as a credit balance for the contact

Record as fees earned immediately

If the option selected is to record the Scheduler Payment received as fees earned immediately, a "funds out" transaction will be logged on the contact's Transactions tab as soon as the payment status is "completed".

A single line item will be added to the existing Revenue Report (in Clio Manage) for the total revenue generated from all of the "funds out" transactions generated via Clio Scheduler. The total revenue will be shown under the “Collected Uncategorized” column of the revenue report.

If the person who booked a paid appointment under this option later becomes a client, the revenue from their paid appointment will continue to be reflected as part of the total under the Clio Scheduler line item and will not be included in the line item on the Revenue Report for that specific Contact/Matter.

Keep as a credit balance

If the option selected is to record the Scheduler Payment received as a credit balance, no "funds out" transaction will be logged. This will result in a positive running balance on the contact's Transactions tab which will need to be manually reconciled in the future.

The single line item added to the Revenue Report (in Clio Manage) for total revenue generated from Clio Scheduler will not include payments received under this option (because these payments are not yet considered fees earned or firm revenue).

If the person who booked a paid appointment under this option later becomes a client, the revenue from their paid appointment will only be reflected under the line item on the Revenue Report for that specific Contact/Matter, and will not be included under the total under the line item for Clio Scheduler payments.

Where can I find more information on Clio Scheduler?

Check out Key Resources: Clio Scheduler.

If you’re an existing Clio Suite customer and need help with Clio Scheduler, please contact

If you are a new customer and would like a demonstration of Clio Scheduler, please contact

*To enable Clio Payments in Manage, users must have Accounts, Administrator, or Billing permissions. 

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