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How do I Prevent Rewards on Contingency Fee Matters From Being Allocated to Attorneys/Users


  • How to prevent rewards on Contingency Fee Matters from being allocated to users on my Clio Account
  • Can Activities on Contingency Matters to be entered in by the Firm and not attorneys?
  • Can fees earned in a Contingency Matter be allocated to the firm only and not allocated to individual users?
  • Rewards/payment on Contingency Matters to be designated to the firm only and not allocated to Users.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


  1. If there is a user at the firm who does not record time for cases, then you may be able to use their user for Contingency Fees, and not have any other active attorneys earning these fees.
  2. You can create a Firm Co-Counsel, and share the Contingency Matters with the Firm Co-Counsel and enter all activities for that Matter in the Clio Connect portal created. This will enable you to have a "Firm User", without having to pay for another license on your account, and not have the reward allocate towards active Attorneys on the account.
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