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Does Clio Let Me Use More Than Two Decimal Places For IRS Mileage Rate in Expenses?


  • 2020 IRS mileage rate
  • expense decimal rounding
  • 2022 IRS mileage rate
  • Creating expenses with fractions of cents


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • If using Hard and Soft Cost expenses, only Soft Cost expenses will accept more than 2 decimal places


Yes, expense entries can accept up to four decimal places to accomodate fractions of cents. A rate such as of $0.585 can be used for an expense activity or an Expense Category

Please note that some areas of Clio may display the rate as being rounded to 2 decimal places. The actual rate will still be more than 2, and the correct rate, with the correct calculation, will appear as expected on the bill.

New expenses created on the Quickbill screen will not work as expected if entering in a rate with more than 2 decimal places. Please create an expense activity before using Quickbill if the expense rate requires more than 2 decimal places.

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