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InterActive LegalSuite™


InterActive LegalSuite™ is an Estate Planning and Elder Law Planning document drafting system developed by lawyers for lawyers. Automated interviews provide options and on-screen guidance from client intake to assembled document. Attorneys develop plans tailored to each client’s unique circumstances in the context of current federal and state laws.

The InterActive LegalSuite™ Clio Manage Integration gives ILS subscribers the ability to quickly and easily create NEW clients in their ILS document drafting system by importing their Clio Manage contacts. This Integration is FREE for all ILS subscribers that also subscribe to Clio Manage. Email for more information.

Key Features:

  • ILS uses advanced logic to build the client and their related contacts (spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.) based on data already entered in Clio Manage.
  • Thanks to innovative algorithms, some parts of the interview are automatically calculated based on the data imported from Clio Contact record.
  • Clio Import into ILS supports Custom Contact Fields that map data directly to known Client Interview fields, such as date of birth, gender, and citizenship.
  • Attorneys who subscribe to BOTH Clio Manage and InterActive Legal will enjoy enhanced efficiency during the client intake process.
  • Attorneys can now modernize their practice making it more efficient and effective.
  • Attorneys can enjoy digital onboarding that imports Clio Contact record into the ILS drafting solution.
  • Automated Client Intake process saves time and money at your firm.
  • InterActive LegalSuite™ Clio Manage Integration requires some setup before it can begin importing your clients to ILS.
  • Because Clio Manage Contacts/Matters can be customized in myriad ways, ILS has defined a process every user of Clio Manage should follow if they are to import Contacts from Clio Manage.
  • Complimentary technical support and detailed guides are available to help subscribers get connected to Clio’s API and begin importing Contacts.
  • ILS connects to Clio via OAuth 2.0 protocol to keep client data safe and secure during import.
  • ILS will not ask for or store your Clio username or password; however, you will need access to your Clio account via your web browser to allow ILS to connect to your Clio account.


How to Connect InterActive LegalSuite™ with Clio
How to Use InterActive LegalSuite™ with Clio
InterActive LegalSuite™ Support

How to Connect InterActive LegalSuite™ with Clio

InterActive LegalSuite™ provides a step-by-step guide here

How to Use InterActive LegalSuite™ with Clio

InterActive LegalSuite™ provides a step-by-step guide here

InterActive LegalSuite™ Support

To contact InterActive LegalSuite™ support, email or visit their help center

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