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Can I Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Clio Scheduler?


  • Does Zoom Integrate with Clio Scheduler?
  • Does Zoom Meetings Work with Clio Grow?
  • How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting on Clio Grow?


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • To Learn How to Create a Zoom Meeting in Clio Manage, click here
  • To Learn How to Set Up the Zoom Integration on Clio Manage, click here


Possible Workarounds: 


Permanent Link:

You can look to add a persistent Zoom link to the 'Location field' in the appointment type should it remain the same. The benefit of this approach is that the link is also included in the confirmation email the prospect receives after booking and doesn't require any manual effort at the firm to add a unique link for each meeting that's scheduled.

Note: We strongly suggest that you enable the "waiting room" feature in your Zoom settings to prevent anyone from "zoom-bombing" your meetings.


Unique Link:

Once the appointment is made via scheduler, you could add a unique Zoom link via Clio Manage by editing the event and making it a zoom meeting. The benefit is that each meeting will have its own link, but it will require manual effort to add the link and make sure it's also sent to the person who booked the appointment. 



It is not possible to use Zoom in Clio Scheduler at this time. However, there are a few options listed above that may provide a sufficient workaround. 

If you would like to add your vote to this feature request, please email us at, call us at 1-888-858-2546 ext 2 or in-app live chat

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