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What Are the Required Fields for a Clio Manage Data Migration?


  • What information needs to be included in my data for a migration?
  • What Are the Required Fields for a data migration?


  • Clio Manage

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Before migrating your data to Clio we strongly recommend driving the data from your previous system. The table below acts as a guide to understand what are the required fields for a successful data import to your Clio Manage account.

If you have any questions it is important to ask your Migrations Expert prior to submitting the data to Clio for processing 

Required Fields - If these fields are not populated then the data assigned to that entry will not import. If required are not populated the data import will not be successful.

Other fields - these are fields that data can be migrated to once the required fields are populated. 

Important Information - highlights the implications of not having the required field populated. 


Data Source Required Fields Other Fields  Important Information
Contacts First Name, Last Name, and Company Name  Street, City, State, Country Notes and Custom Fields   

Matter Status (Open, Pending, Closed), Matter Custom Number, Matter Description, Client

Open Date, Close Date, Responsible Attorney, Originating Attorney, Statute of Limitations, Custom Fields  Matter Status must be set to Open, Pending, or Closed. If it is not then the Matters will not import  
Activities Date, Quantity, Rate, User Matter, and Activity Category 

Clio will only migrate Unbilled Time and Expense Entries 


If there is no user assigned to the Time/Expense entry then those entries will not be imported

Calendar Appointments Calendar Summary, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time, Destination/ User Calendar  Description  
Contact Notes Date, Subject and Note Detail  Author  
Matter Notes Date, Subject and Note Detail  Author  
Related Contacts Matter, First Name, Last Name, Company Name  Relationship  
Tasks Status (Pending, Inprogress, complete), Task Name, Due Date, Assigned User Description, Matter

Tasks must have a status of Complete, In-progress, or Pending. If they don't they will not be imported

If no User is defined Clio will assign the  Tasks to the user signed in

Balance Forward Balance, User, Date Description, Activity Category  Clio will assign a default description Balance Forward to these entries
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