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How To Create an Invoice Level Discount


  • Create an Invoice level Discount
  • Apply a Professional Courtesy discount to a bill
  • Apply a discount to a bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

When setting up an Invoice level Discount, the default label for the discount will be "Invoice Discount".  To change the name of this discount to better suit the needs of your Bill Theme please follow the steps in the Help Centre article here. 

Invoice level Discounts are applied to the subtotal of services and expenses combined and cannot be applied to only services on a bill where both services and expenses are charged.

Invoice level Discounts can only be applied to bills which have not yet been Approved (Draft or Pending approval statuses).

The Write offs feature can be applied to Approved bills when recording a payment to apply a dollar amount write off.  Please follow the steps in the Help Centre article here.


  1. Locate the Draft/unapproved Bill you wish to discount from the Billing menu tab.
  2. Click the invoice Id number to view the Invoice.
  3. Click the blue Edit button at the top right hand side of the invoice.
  4. Add the Discount that you would like to apply to the invoice in the Discount window in the upper right hand side of the Edit Invoice window and select either % or $ from the dropdown.
  5. Add A Discount Note in the Discount Note Field in the upper left hand side of the Invoice, if applicable.
  6. Click the blue Save invoice button in the lower left hand corner of the Edit Invoice window.


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