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Email Addresses for Emails Sent From Clio

Emails from Clio are sent from the following email address aliases:


The tables below list which emails are sent from each email alias.

Did you know? Some emails sent from can be personalized and sent from a firm user's own email address. Turning on this email personalization feature has the benefit of:

    • Improving the client experience by providing clients with a frictionless communication path.
    • Greater visibility on important client communication by seeing sent bills, bill reminders, and attachments in both Clio Manage and your "sent" mailbox folder.
    • Better bill deliverability (you get an immediate notification if a bill bounces back or is blocked).
    • Greater peace of mind when clients get bills from a sender they recognize and trust.
    • Opportunity to reinforce your firm's brand through consistent personalization. and email personalization

The following table breaks down which email types are sent from and which email types can be sent from your personal email address.

✓ Yes

✭ Partial yes (see note at bottom of table)

Email type Personal email address
Bill emails (approval, creation, share, Trust/Client Requests, client automated reminders, client outstanding balance)
Calendar events (create, invite, update, delete)
Client access granted emails (eg. documents)
Client portal (Clio for Clients) message created
Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect emails (bill share, including Trust/Client Requests, invite, matter sharing, task assigning, task creation, task completion)
Clio Payments notification emails
Document signature emails  
Email change
Google sync re-authorization emails  
Office 365 sync re-authorization emails  
Password change and reset emails  
Task notifications (creation, completion, task list assigned)
User invitation emails

✭ Only bill share, Trust/Client Request, and task creation and completion emails can be personalized with Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect.

Other email aliases

The table below lists the email types sent from,, and

Email address alias Sent email type Subscription related emails Account sign-up emails + Onboarding emails Emails from the Clio Support Team
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