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Bill Recipients: FAQ

What is a Bill Recipient?

A bill recipient is a contact or client which you designate as the receiver of the bills you generate for your billable hours.

What is Clio Manage’s Bill Recipient feature?

We added the ability to designate multiple contacts as Bill Recipients to the bills you generate.

How does Clio Manage’s Bill Recipient feature improve my billing workflow?

When you assign one or more contacts as the receiver(s) of bills, they will automatically appear when sharing bills.

How do I set the appropriate contacts as Bill Recipients?

You can set the Bill Recipients through the related contacts section on the Matter level. This allows you to share bills and balances with the right people without needing to manually enter each person every time the bill is shared.

Where in Clio Manage can I set Bill Recipients?

You can set up your Bill Recipients at either the Matter creation stage or edit an already existing Matter. You can also set Bill Recipients when sharing a bill or balance by selecting the checkbox: ‘Selected contacts will receive all future bills for associated matters’.

How does the Bill Recipients feature work when sharing a bill(s)?

Once the Bill Recipients for a particular Matter have been set, these contacts will be automatically populated when you are ready to share the bill. Whether you are sharing one bill or multiple bills in bulk for a Matter - all of the set Bill Recipients will be notified of their outstanding bill(s).

How does the Bill Recipients feature work when sharing a multi-Matter bill or sharing a balance with multiple outstanding matters from the outstanding balances tab?

When sharing a multi-Matter bill or a balance with multiple outstanding bills, only Bill Recipients that match across all Matters will receive the bill. This is to ensure that the bill is not sent to a contact that shouldn’t receive it. However, you have the option to manually add any additional recipients.

Will Bill Recipients be available in both Bills and Outstanding Balances sections of Clio Manage?

Yes, this feature will be in both Bills and Outstanding Balances.

Can the Bill Recipients be able to see who else received the bill or balance?

No, the emails will be independent and no recipients will see who else has received the email.

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