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What is Work Reassignment?


  • Can I reassign work from one user to another in bulk?
  • Can I reassign work in motion for deactivated users?
  • Can I reassign work in motion for active users?


  • Clio Manage

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Account Administrators can easily bulk reassign work associated with Open and Pending matters, between users in Clio Manage.

How can I reassign work to different firm members?

Account administrators can reassign work from Clio Settings > Manage users > ‘Actions’ > ‘Reassign work’.


What work can be reassigned?

Account Administrators can:

  • Assign a new responsible attorney to open or pending matters.
  • Reassign all tasks that are not past due and associated with open or pending matters to a different firm user.
  • Reassign all upcoming calendar events to a different firm user.


What work cannot be reassigned?

  • Any work associated with a ‘Closed’ Matter
  • Tasks not associated with a Matter
  • Events not associated with a Matter
  • Events that are saved on another Calendar but the specific User is just an attendee
  • Matters with permissions set to ‘Me’ (i.e only one firm user). These are considered private and work will not be reassigned. Learn more about Matter permissions and groups.

How will a firm member know when work has been reassigned to them?

  • Firm members will have a flash, in-app notification and email informing them that new work has been assigned to them.
  • A detailed report is available for download of all reassigned work.

Can I reassign Matters set to private?

No. Matter permissions set to ‘Me’ (ie. only one firm user) are considered Private. In order to protect privacy levels within a firm, you will not have the ability to reassign any work associated with Private Matters.

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