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How Do I Review the Data Imported into my Clio Manage Account?


  • How do I review my migrated data?
  • How do I migrate my data migration?


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It is very important after your migration is completed that you take the time to review the data within the 3 business day window allocated. In order to review your data, we suggest that you pick five-ten entries from each import, some imports require larger amounts of data to be reviewed we have outlined in each section below the number of records to be reviewed

All the data that Clio's Migrations team van successfully migrated can be accessed via the black bar on the left-hand side of the screen 


Pick five contacts and check that their addresses, phone numbers, and emails are correct


Pick a mix of open and closed Matters we recommend five-ten. Make sure the Matters have the appropriate client assigned, matter number, responsible attorney (if applicable) and any requested custom fields

Time Entries/ Expense Entries/ AR Balances (Activities)

Remember Clio will only migrate unbilled Time/Expenses. When reviewing these entries make sure you review twenty entries and on each entry review the rate/price assigned to each entry, the total value of the entry, and that it is assigned to the correct user and matter.


We recommend reviewing twenty-thirty calendar entries. It is important to review a number of historical and future entries. Make sure the date and time are correct and the event is assigned to the appropriate calendar. Migrated calendar entries do not include invited users they only the user that the calendar entry is assigned to.


We recommend picking ten-twenty tasks from the past and in the future. When picking tasks in the recommend picking task you know are upcoming such as filing deadlines. Make sure the task name, due date(if any), task assignee are all correct.

Contact and Matter Notes 

To review notes go to a Contact or Matter and click the Notes subtab. We recommend checking two or three Contact and Matter Notes to ensure they are correctly connected.

Related Contacts 

In order to review your Matter Relationships pick five-ten Matters. Click on the Matter name and under the Contacts box on the far right of the screen you will see the Client and Related Contacts. Make sure the name of the contact is correct and that their relationship is correctly labeled.


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