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Do Changes Made to My QuickBooks Online Mapping and Tax Settings Affect Previously Synced Bills?


  • If I change my mapping in QBO, will that show on past Bills?
  • How do I make mapping settings show on Bills synced in the past?
  • Does changing tax settings in Quickbooks Online show on previously synced bills?


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:

  • To have previously synced Bills change to the new mapping settings, an action needs to take place to force and update to QuickBooks Online, possibly by deleting and recreating payments on Bills or making and then undoing a small edit to the Bill.


No. Changes made to QuickBooks mapping settings and taxes settings will not affect bills which have previously synced to Quickbooks Online.

However, if an edit is made to any bill which had previously synced to Quickbooks, this will cause the bill to re-sync to Quickbooks. When the bill re-syncs to Quickbooks, it will do so using the new mappings and tax settings.

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