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Re-Send Bills

With Clio's bill re-send feature, you can re-send individual bills and bills in bulk by email or through Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect. This feature is available for both bills and outstanding balances.

How To Re-Send a Bill

To re-send a bill:

  1. Select Billing in the Clio Manage navigation bar.
  2. Click Send next to the bill you want to re-send.
  3. A new billing window will appear.
      • When re-sharing a single bill or multiple bills by email, you can see a preview of what your client will see. The bill email preview will show next to the send bill modal. 
      • The Previously sent to section tells you which client you previously shared the bill with and if the bill was shared through Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect.

        Note: If the original bill was sent through Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect, you can re-send it by email without having to stop sharing it; however, if you want to re-send the bill by Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect, you will need to stop sharing it by clicking Stop share.

  4. Click the arrow next to Additional settings to choose how you want to share the bill. Options include:
      • Email with PDF via secure link.

        Note: If the bill was previously sent with a secure payment link, the link will be sent again.

      • Email with PDF attachment.
      • Clio for Co-Counsel/Clio Connect.
  5. Click Send bill


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