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Re-Send Bills - FAQ

What is the Bill Re-Send feature in Clio Manage?

Previously, when it came to re-sharing bills with your clients, you had to ‘stop sharing’ a bill that had been previously distributed. With the new Bill Re-Send feature, you will be able to share bills through email as many times as you want, without having to stop sharing those bills.

How do I use the Bill Re-Send feature in Clio Manage?

When sending bills, the contacts field will populate with bill recipients even if you have previously shared or sent the bill to your client(s). The ‘Currently shared with’ section has been updated to reflect the ‘Previously sent to’ history. Bills sent by email and Clio Connect will now be differentiated in the ‘Previously sent to’ section.

Share for a 2nd time

Clio Connect
Share for a 2nd time

Sharing bills via email.


The ‘Stop sharing’ option has been removed for bills sent via email as it is no longer required. You will still be able to identify the contacts the bills has been previously sent to.

Sharing bills via Clio Connect.


You can now quickly identify if you previously used Clio Connect to share bills with specific clients. As per before - you have the option to stop sharing the bill with them.

Sharing bills via Clio Connect and Email.


If you have sent the bill through both email and Clio Connect, this information will appear in the ‘Previously sent to’ section. You will be able to continue to resend without needing to stop sharing via email even if the contact has been shared through Clio Connect as well.

Will Bills Re-Send be available both in Bills and Outstanding Balances?

Yes, the outstanding balance tab has always allowed for the balances to be resent as many times as you would like. This function is now being introduced to the bills sections of Clio Manage.

Why can I no longer stop sharing my bills sent by email?

You can now quickly identify if you have shared a bill with a client and re-send it to them if you would like, without the need to click ‘stop sharing’. Since the ‘stop sharing’ function is no longer needed - we are removing it from Clio Manage to eliminate any confusion.

Do I still need to ‘stop sharing’ bills sent through Clio Connect if I want to re-send the bill through Clio Connect again?

Yes, you will need to stop sharing bills sent through Clio Connect if you would like to re-send them again. Your client will continue to have access to the bill, until it is unshared. If you choose to send the bill through email instead, you will be able to do so even if you have also shared the bill through Clio Connect.

Will Bill Re-Send still apply when bulk sending bills?

Yes, you will be able to bulk send bills via email without having to to click ‘Stop Sharing’ on bills.

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