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Issue: Bill Theme appears Blank can not open to edit information


  • Bill Theme preview window not displaying correctly and Bill Themes cannot be clicked open to edit, the BillTheme preview appears blank and a white image is seen. 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

This issue can be seen when a copy of an affected Bill Theme is made, the behaviour continues in the newly copied BiIll Theme, which suggests the issue is local to the specific Theme.  


1. Hover over the line right under 'Default Copy Delete' and it will change color,

2. click on it and you will get to the 'Edit Bill Theme' screen.

3. Make a change to the Bill Theme and save it

4. Refresh the Screen

5. Once you go back to the Bill Theme Page you should be able to see all your Bill Themes in Normal View and be able to open on the Bill Theme preview window




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