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Bill Discounting Enhancement | Discounting Services Only

This feature may affect the accuracy of the invoice payment and fee allocation reports.

Turning on this feature may affect the invoice payment and fee allocation reports, you may notice discrepancies as the discount in both reports is spread across all line items (services and expenses) as opposed to just the services if this feature is turned on. By default this feature is NOT enabled in your account, please kindly contact our support team to gain access to this feature. We are available at, through in-app chat, or at 1-888-858-2546 ext. 2. Please note we will need to have written authorization by the Primary Subscriber of the Clio Account.

What are Bill Discounts?

Bill discounts allow you to apply a percentage or dollar amount markdown at your discretion. This can be used to provide an incentive for clients paying their bills early or enable you to run promotions for your practice.


What has changed for the bill discounting feature?

We’ve enhanced the discounting functionality enabling you to apply discounts to just services by checking the ‘Apply to services only’ checkbox under the Invoice-wide discount field. This will allow you to fully recuperate your expenses, while discounting only your services.



Will I still be able to discount my entire invoice, including expenses?

Yes, you can uncheck the ‘Apply to services only’ checkbox under the Invoice-wide discount field, which will enable you to discount your services and expenses.


Will this work for all bill types?

This works for all bill types except for “aggregate all” bills at this time.


Does this enhancement work for all line item types?

This works for all line items types except for “products”.


Is it possible to over discount my service costs?

Yes, similar to bulk discounts Clio does not limit you from discounting greater than the sum of your service costs.


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