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How to Use Equations in Document Automation


  • Using equations in Document Automation templates


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • You must first have Custom Fields created and applied to the Matter containing only numbers
  • Basic operators used are + , - , * and /.


  1. Open Word document
  2. Replace numeric entries will custom field Merge Fields
  3. Place cursor where you want the result to be
  4. Click Insert
  5. Click Insert field
  6. In Categories, select Equations and Formulas
  7. Add Merge Fields in equation format

    Example: = << Matter.CustomField.CostOfHouse >> - << Matter.CustomField.Deposit >>
    equation-field.pngPlease note:
     You may see a !Syntax Error, < message appear - this is OKAY and is a result of MS Word trying to perform the equation in the document. 

  8. Save and Upload as a Template in Clio

If you are creating a Word document from your template, you will need to open update the values so that they will display correctly after generating the document instead of displaying !Syntax errors. This is not needed if you have generated a PDF.

  1. Download and open the generated Word document from Clio, or open with Clio Launcher
  2. In Word, highlight all the text in the document (ctrl+A or cmd+A)
  3. Right click
  4. Choose Update Field. The values should be filled. If any !Syntax errors remain, please check your syntax for problems.
  5. Save the document and re-upload to Clio as a new version if needed, or save using Clio Launcher

Now, when you view a document generated from this template, you will see the calculation in the completed document:



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