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How Do I Book a Paid Clio Scheduler Appointment on My Client's Behalf?


  • Can I book a paid Clio Scheduler appointment for my Client?


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Additional Information:


  1. Follow steps 1-4 in this article ** Do not click the 'Send email' button **

  2. Click the blue link in the body of the email, directly.

  3. Complete the paid booking flow on your Client's behalf, including entering their payment info.

  4. After completing the paid booking flow, you can simply close out the email modal because the appointment is now booked. Your Client will receive both an appointment confirmation email and a payment transaction email (aka receipt).

Please note: If you were to send the prospect the appointment invitation email anyways, once the blue link in the email is clicked, the Client would be automatically redirected to their appointment confirmation page, as their appointment has already been booked. Therefore, avoiding a duplicate appointment from being booked. 

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