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Dialpad Talk Integration | FAQ


What is VoIP and how can it help my firm? 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technology that makes phone calls and SMS messages possible from any internet-connected device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

How can VoIP improve my firm operations? 

VoIP enables you and your firm to take advantage of having dedicated business phone line(s), without having to be tied down to a fixed landline. Cloud based phone systems empower your firm and its staff to work remotely, while allowing you to rapidly scale the communication needs of your practice. Providers like Dialpad go a step further by layering productivity tools and SMS functionality to their VoIP offering - enabling firms to not only capture billable/non-billable hours spent with clients, but also streamline and keep logs of communications.

How can I Sign up to Dialpad Talk? 

Please visit this Page to sign up to Dialpad talk.


Enabling the Integration

Will I need a Dialpad Talk account to be able to use this integration?

Yes, you must have a Dialpad Talk account to use this integration. The minimum plan required is Dialpad Talk’s ‘Pro Plan’ with 3 seats at minimum. For full pricing and features please visit Dialpad Talk’s pricing page. Other subscription tiers with access to API & Webhooks, like Enterprise, will work as well.

Do all users on a Clio Manage account have to have a Dialpad subscription to access functionality? 

The firm administrator can enable the integration for the entire firm. However, each user must have their own Dialpad license in order to have a dedicated phone line/number. 

How can I enable the Dialpad Talk integration within Clio Manage?

You can enable and connect your DialPad Talk account via the Clio Manage web application You must have firm administrators privileges to enable this integration. 

Note: If you have signed up for Dialpad using your Microsoft Office 365 or a GSuite account, you must first connect your Dialpad and Office 365/Gsuite accounts to have administrator privileges. Please visit this Dialpad support article for more.

1. Locate the Dialpad integration settings at Clio Manage by navigating to: 

  • Settings > Apps > ‘Authorized Apps' > VoIP 
  • Under the VoIP tab in the ‘Authorized Apps’ section - the firm administrator will be able to see the DialPad connection modal. 1.jpg 

2. Click on ‘Connect’ , which will then take the firm administrator to Dialpad’s website to authenticate the account and to grant permissions. 

  • Log into your Dialpad account.2.jpg
  • After logging in, Dialpad will ask the you to ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ Clio Manage to access your Dialpad account. Please click ‘Allow’. 3.jpg
  • Upon completion, you will be directed back to the Clio Manage Apps page. You should now see that the integration is connected. 3.5.jpg



What are the core functionalities of this integration between Clio Manage and Dialpad?

We want to enable Dialpad and Clio Manage customers to be able to capture time spent on the phone while using either the Dialpad desktop or mobile application. Below is the core functions of this integration at this time: 

  1. Firm administrators will be able to enable or disable the Dialpad Integration. 
  2. Firm users will be able to initiate phone calls using the Dialpad desktop application, by clicking on a contact’s phone number within the Clio Manage web application.
  3. Clio Manage will be able to create records in the ‘communications’ tab from phone calls made in either the Dialpad desktop or mobile application.


How do I initiate a phone call from the Clio Manage web application, using Dialpad Talk? 

To make a phone call from Clio Manage using DialPad Talk, you must: 

  • Successfully logged into Clio Manage web application. 
  • Have installed and logged into the Dialpad desktop application
  • Enabled the Dialpad integration within Clio Manage through: 
    • Settings > ‘Authorized Apps’ > VoIP. 


Once you have met the above requirements - you can initiate phone calls from three places within Clio Manage. 


    1. From the ‘Contact Listing’, clicking on the contact’s phone number.4.jpg
    2. From the ‘Contact Dashboard’, clicking on the contact’s phone number.5.jpg
    3. From the ‘Matters Dashboard’, clicking on the contact’s phone number located in the contact tile.6.jpg



In all of the scenarios - your desktop browsers will prompt you to make a call from Dialpad. Selecting Dialpad will launch the Dialpad desktop app and automatically place the call.

  • Launching Dialpad via Google Chrome7.jpg

How does Clio Manage match contacts between Dialpad  (i.e. clients of my firm)?

We match contacts by comparing the phone number stored in Clio and the number included in the phone log returned by Dialpad. A match is found If two numbers, excluding extensions and leading zeros, are an exact match or one is a subset of another.

How do Clio Manage match firm users between Dialpad (e.g. attorneys in my firm)?

We match firm users by comparing the phone number stored in Clio Manage and the number included in the phone log returned by Dialpad. In addition to the phone number matching, in the scenario where the phone number of a firm user is not stored in Clio, there will also be an attempt to match on email. Emails will be converted to all lower-case before matching. 

The name of the firm user appears as the ‘To’ field in the communication log for an inbound call, or ‘From’ field for an outbound call. 

How do I get phone log entries into Clio Manage? 

After a phone call takes place over a Dialpad line, Clio Manage will automatically create a phone log This log will be housed under: 

  • Communications > Logs > Phone 

If the contact has only one active matter in Clio Manage, the phone log will be linked to that matter. 

What happens if a contact has multiple active matters? 

If a contact has multiple active matters, then no matters will be linked, and you will need to manually link the phone log to the appropriate matter. 

Here is an example of a phone log where we match the number to an existing contact in Clio, but this contact has multiple active matters. 



Can Clio Manage capture logs for both inbound and outbound calls made using Dialpad? 

Yes, both inbound and outbound calls made using Dialpad desktop or mobile application will be captured. 

What if Clio Manage cannot match an inbound or outbound call made using Dialpad? 

Users have the option to determine whether phone logs should be created when there is an unidentified caller. If enabled, Clio Manage will create communication logs even if no matching contact was found.



What if there are contacts with matching phone numbers? 

If there is more than one Clio Manage phone number that matches, the contact with the most recently created (matching) phone number will be selected. Contact name appears as the ‘From’ field in the communication log for an inbound call, or ‘To’ field for an outbound call. 

Can users send/receive SMS messages in Clio Manage?

Not at this time. However, you can send/receive SMS messages through the Dialpad desktop and/or mobile application. 

Can users initiate phone calls from Clio Manage mobile application? 

Not at this time. 

If Dialpad is down, will this integration be down? 




We encourage you to reach out to our support team if you have any issues connecting Clio Manage to Dialpad. 

Issues and Support for Dialpad. 

Any issues you experience with Dialpad and its desktop or mobile application can be resolved by reaching out to their support team. 


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