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Why is the Amount Shown in the Matter Budget Email Notification Different Than the Matter?


  • The amount in the email notification sent for my Matter Budget is incorrect
  • Why is the amount incorrect in the email I received for my Client's Matter Budget?


  • Clio Manage

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Here are two reasons that could prompt the email notification to be sent:

  • If you selected Budget includes expenses when adding the Budget to the Matter in the Billing Preferences, be sure to look at the total value of the Time and Expense entries in the Activities subtab within the Matter.

  • If a Time/Expense Entry was added to the Matter in error, that caused the Matter to reach the Budget threshold, the email notification will be prompted and sent, regardless of whether the Time/Expense Entry was immediately deleted or moved to another Matter.
    • You can find this information in the Matter Timeline, using the Filters for Time entry in the 'Type' dropdown, to see any 'updated' Time Entries (if they were edited at all or moved to another Matter) and deleted Time Entries. You can further Filter, adding Yes in the 'Deleted only' dropdown to view only Time Entries that were Deleted from the Matter.
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