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How Do I Use Google Calendar as a Bridge to Establish a Three-Way Sync Between Clio and iCal?


  • bi-directional sync between Apple Calendar and Clio
  • Sync Clio Manage to iCal
  • Link Clio to iCal


  • Clio Manage
  • Google Calendar

Additional Information:

Clio cannot currently sync directly with iCal. Instead, we can add one or more Google Calendars to iCal, and then sync Clio with the Google Calendar. This creates a 3-way sync using all three calendar programs.

Note: If your calendar data was originally in iCal, this process will move that Calendar data to Google, and that information will be synced to iCal using a new calendar. After completing the process, a section of your iCal will list the Gmail email address that is currently syncing. Only updates to that Calendar in iCal will be synced to Google and Clio. 


  1. If your calendar data is currently in iCal:
    1. Export it to an .ICS file (see here)
    2. Import the .ICS file into Google (see here)
  2. Sync your Google Calendar with iCal
    • For Apple Calendar on Desktop, see here
    • For iPhone IOS iCal, see here
  3. Sync your Google Calendar with Clio (see here)


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