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How Do I Stop Reminder Emails from Being Sent to my Client for No Longer Needed e-Signature Documents in Clio Manage?


  • I sent two Documents for e-Signature by accident. How do I stop the email reminders from being sent to my Client?
  • How do I cancel a Document for e-Signature in Clio Manage?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Please note: When removing/cancelling a Document in HelloSign directly, this will not remove that Document from the monthly Document count on your account. It will just stop reminder emails from being sent to your Client.
  • See here for more information on automatic reminders.



Although you cannot currently do this within Clio, you can view and cancel Documents that have been sent for e-Signature, from within the HelloSign account that has been created for you.

If you do not yet have login credentials for your HelloSign account, this can be done using your Clio login email and then following HelloSign’s “forgot password” instructions. Once you create an account and are logged in, on the left-hand side, there is a “Documents” section where all documents that are awaiting signature or have been completed will be listed.

If you already had a HelloSign account prior to using e-Signatures in Clio Manage, as long as your HelloSign login email matches your Clio login email, then documents sent from Clio will automatically save to your existing HelloSign account.

If you would like to add your vote to this Feature Request, requesting the ability to do this within Clio, please contact our Support Team

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