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How do I Add an Image from Imgur to my Bills?


  • Add a signature from a file in Imgur to your Clio Bill Theme


  • Clio Manage
  • Imgur

Additional Information:

  • If the image isn’t viewed at least 1 time every 6 months in Imgur, it may be deleted to save space.


In Imgur:

    1. Upload the image file to the website.
    2. Right click the image on the page and click on Open New Image in Tab
    3. Right-click on the image on the new page and select Copy Image Address

In Clio:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Billing
  3. Choose Bill Themes
  4. Click on the theme that you would like to add the image to
  5. Select Footer > Footer
  6. In the text field for either Payable Statement or Invoice Memo, press ctrl+v to paste the image
  7. Click Save
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