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How Do I Capture Appointments into the Lead Inbox?


  • Capture appointments booked using a Scheduler public booking link in the lead inbox.
  • Capture appointments without having a contact and matter automatically created to avoid duplication.


  • Clio Grow 

Additional Information: 

  • When appointments are captured in the lead inbox, contact and matter records are not created (which avoids duplication). For more information on how to intake leads to create contact and matter records, click here.
  • Paid appointment types cannot be captured into the lead inbox.  For information on setting up paid appointment types, see here.
  • This feature is for appointments made through a public link only.
  • Appointments that are in the Lead Inbox will not appear in the Agenda until they are added to a Matter.
  • For more information on configuring appointment types, click here.
  • For more information on Clio Scheduler, click here
  • Which Appointments Will Get Sent to the Lead Inbox?


1. Go to Settings > Appointment Types.


2. If you are creating a new appointment type click New appointment type. If you are editing an existing appointment type, click the "..." button to the right of the appointment type, then select Edit.


3. Select Add new appointments to lead inbox to allow for a confirmation. 


4. Click Save and Close.

5. To access appointments within the lead inbox, click on the inbox icon in the upper right, then click on the Appointments tab.


With each appointment in your lead inbox, you have the option to delete it or add it to your pipeline. When adding an appointment to your pipeline, it will need to be assigned to a contact and matter. You will have the option to select an existing contact and matter, or you can select to have a new contact and matter created.



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