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Why is Timezone Changing When Creating Appointment?


  • To set up Appointment (with Link) from any location, and not lose the primary account Timezone


  • Clio Grow

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Available time slots are informed by the appointment host’s calendar & availability settings but are displayed in the time zone of the person viewing the Scheduler booking page. Changing the timezone will not affect the actual time slots that are available

E.g. if the appointment host’s time zone is set to Eastern time zone, and the person viewing the Scheduler booking page is in Pacific time zone, available times will be shown in Pacific but will adhere to the host’s availability in Eastern time.

The default time zone displayed in the Scheduler is based on the "browser time" of the person viewing the Scheduler (which is based on their computer's time). It is not set based on the time zone associated with the location of the IP address, such that a VPN will not affect the time zone displayed.

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